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Medical Billing Solutions

We offer medical billing consulting and collection services to provider of any size and type.


Some of the medical billing services that we provide are:

Insurance Verifications

One of the most important pieces of the medical billing process is understanding the patients benefits. Insurance companies publicize that patient’s benefit information can all be found using their online tools. In our experience, the information found online is minimal, and is often incorrect. WBS makes it a point to call to obtain benefits whenever possible, so that we can obtain enough information for our providers so that they can educate their patients on any deductibles and copayments, any visit limits, and any diagnosis exclusions. This makes the whole process much smoother for everyone involved.

Medical Billing & Appeals

WBS submits claims electronically whenever possible, and on paper if electronic claims are not accepted. We bill for each of our providers on a weekly basis, in order to keep a constant cash flow coming in. We handle all healthcare insurance, workers compensation, and personal injury claims. Any claims not paid to the provider within 30 days of the initial billing (45 working days for workers compensation) will be followed up on by WBS staff. We charge our providers a percentage based on what they are paid by insurance companies, which gives us a huge incentive to get accurate payments in a timely manner!

Patient Billing & Statements

WBS will send monthly statements out to patients for any patient responsibility that was not collected in the provider’s office. This is an optional service, and can be done for all patients, or upon request for certain patient cases.

Accounts Receivable

WBS provides 100% tracking and follow up on outstanding medical claims. We post all payments received by the insurance company, and provide a bi-weekly or monthly accounts receivable to our providers.

Practice / Patient Questions

Whether our provider is just starting out, just starting to accept insurance, or is an established practice that accepts insurance, we are here to help. Our staff is very well trained and has over 35 years combined experience. If we don’t know the answer, we know where to find it! We pride ourselves on our customer service levels, and we value each of our clients.


We offer consulting services for new office set up and staff training. If practice is local, consulting can be done face to face. If practice is out of town, training can be done over the phone or via Skype.

Have Questions?

Check out our Medical Billing Consulting FAQs or Get in Touch!

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